Use the table below to find more information about your local branch.

Branch NameCity or TownStreet AddressGPS Co-ordinatesBrand Offering and Function
Spargs Group HeadquartersEast LondonShop 18a, Spargs Mall, Bonza Bay Road, Beacon Bay, 520532°58'07.1"S; 27°56'24.1"EAdministrative and Executive Offices
Spargs Superspar Beacon BayEast LondonShop 1, Spargs Mall, Bonza Bay Road, Beacon Bay, 520532°58'01.1"S; 27°56'22.7"ESuperspar, Spargs Nxiba, Spargs Hardware, Spargs Fishing, Spargs Outdoor, Spargs Garden Centre, Limited Fuel@Spargs, Beantree Coffee Shop, Build It
Apparel Buying and WarehouseEast London16 Ray Craib Crescent, Beacon Bay, 520532°57'21.8"S; 27°56'53.9"EClothing Buying Warehouse and Distribution
Spargs Superspar ButterworthButterworthSauer Street, Butterworth, 496032°19'56.8"S; 28°08'43.6"ESuperspar, Tops, Spargs Nxiba, Spargs Hardware, Refresh@Spargs, Fuel@Spargs, Spargs Homeware
Spargs Superspar DutywaDutywaEvelyn Street, Dutywa, 500032°05'49.1"S; 28°18'11.6"ESuperspar, Tops, Spargs Nxiba, Spargs Hardware, Refresh@Spargs, Fuel@Spargs, Spargs Soja, Spargs Homeware
Spargs Superspar QueenstownQueenstown7-19 Komani Street, Queenstown, 532031°53'58.5"S; 26°52'16.6"ESuperspar, Tops, Spargs Nxiba, Fuel@Spargs
Spargs Superspar NgcoboNgcoboMain Street, Ngcobo, 505031°40'37.1"S; 27°59'58.3"ESuperspar, Tops, Spargs Nxiba, Spargs Hardware, Spar Express 24 hour, Fuel@Spargs 24 hour, Spargs Soja, Spargs Homeware
Spargs Superspar KeiMthathaCraister Street, Mthatha, 510031°35'36.2"S; 28°46'58.0"ESuperspar, Tops, Spargs Nxiba, Fuel@Spargs
Spargs Superspar MadeiraMthathaCnr Madeira Street and Nelson Mandela Drive, Mthatha, 510031°35'34.1"S; 28°47'24.1"ESuperspar, Tops, Fuel@Spargs
Spargs Spar IkweziMthathaTutor Ndamase Avenue, Mthatha, 510031°35'53.7"S; 28°47'35.2"ESpar, Spargs Refresh, Fuel@Spargs 24 hour
Spargs Build ItMthathaSprigg Street, Mthatha, 510031°35'31.9"S; 28°47'28.3"EBuild It
Spargs Supermarket SutherlandMthatha26 Sutherland Street, Mthatha, 510031°35'19.1"S; 28°47'31.5"ESpargs Supermarket, Spargs Hardware, Spargs Homeware, Refresh@Spargs 24 hour, Fuel@Spargs 24 hour
Spargs NxibaMthatha26 Sutherland Street, Mthatha, 510031°35'18.9"S; 28°47'28.3"ESpargs Nxiba, Tops
Spargs Superspar SpriggMthatha15 Sprigg Street, Mthatha, 510031°35'17.5"S; 28°47'30.4"ESuperspar, Beantree Coffee Shop
Spargs Spences TopsMthatha65 Nelson Mandela Drive, Mthatha, 510031°35'34.7"S; 28°46'49.4"ETops
Spargs Superspar LibodeLibode57 Nomandela Drive, Libode, 516031°32'46.7"S; 29°01'09.5"ESuperspar, Tops, Spargs Nxiba, Build It, Spargs Homeware, Refresh@Spargs, Fuel@Spargs
Spargs Spar QumbuQumbuMain Street, Qumbu, 518031°09'35.2"S; 28°52'13.1"ESpar, Tops, Spargs Nxiba, Fuel@Spargs
Spargs Superspar Mount FrereMount FrereMain Street, Mount Frere, 509030°54'10.4"S; 28°59'40.5"ESuperspar, Tops
Spargs NxibaMount FrereMount Frere, 509030°54'10.8"S; 28°59'38.1"ESpargs Nxiba, Spargs Homeware, Fuel@Spargs
Spargs Supermarket KokstadKokstad44 Main Street, Kokstad, 470030°33'06.0"S; 29°25'41.1"ESpargs Supermarket, Spargs Liquor, Spargs Nxiba, Spargs Hardware, Fuel@Spargs

If you're looking for specific information about a branch, please get in touch with our team in the office on 043 711 7500 or email